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[Photo of Mo B.]
Mo B.
Clifton, NJ

The King of the Cuban Sandwiches is not a lie!!!! Anything here is amazing and the customer service is phenomenalType your paragraph here.

Type your paragraph here.
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James V.
Hawthorne, NJ
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I randomly drove by Andris one day and noticed this small place on the corner . Usually I travel to North Bergen and Union city to get my Cuban food. After seeing good reviews I knew I had to make a stop. If this place was good and I didn't have to drive to NB for a Cubano. I'm sold .

Signs of a great Cuban sandwich shop.
1) when you walk in they are playing Cuban/Latin classics .
2) husband and wife ( I believe) combo. He was slapping together the sandwich's and she was pounding out the empanadas like a well oiled machine .
3) fridge was filled with Cuban soft drinks ( as well as others )

I started with the classics before trying anything else . I got the Cubano sandwich and a beef empanada.

My opinion ..... well they didn't last more then 5 mins . They had no chance when they were tasting that good!!!

Good food . Very nice owners . Can't wait to go back and try the other stuff . My wife has already given me her order hahaha

[Photo of Pete B.]
Pete B.

Elite '2021North Arlington, NJ
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After passing by this place numerous times after work,  I finally got a chance to try what they are calling "Cuban Sandwich King".

They must close fairly early since they are closed when I pass by at 6pm. So this was a Saturday that I was able to make this visit.  

When I walked in,  I was taken aback.  Very basic and not much personality.  Now I'm getting nervous.  The gentleman that helped me was extremely nice.  I looked at a menu and it was fairly simple.  Hey.  Then again... What are going to get at the Cuban Sandwich King???

Hence,  that is what I got.  When I got home,  I immediately tore into this.  It was phenomenal.  King?? I'm not 100% sure on that but very close in the chain of command.  I was fearing it would be dried out.  Complete opposite.  Perfectly toasted and just so satisfying.  Definitely swing by if you're in the area for lunch and grab one of these babies.  They do a great job!!!

[Photo of Andris Cuban Sandwich King - Lyndhurst, NJ, United States. The outside of the King!!]

The outside of the King!!

[Photo of Andris Cuban Sandwich King - Lyndhurst, NJ, United States. Cuban Sandwich. Perfectly toasted and moist and tender inside. With the perfect pickle crunch!]