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Maria T.

Best Cubans in NJ! Hot, flavorful and delish! Best papa rellena too! Def stop by or order on DoorDash like we did. Will be back soon!!


LYNDHURST, N.J. — The owners of ANDRIS packed up their business in New York City last year to find a place that was not so saturated with hispanic cuisine and ended up in Lyndhurst.

"We saw Lyndhurst as a place that would give us the opportunity to be very different from the other types of restaurants that are around," said his wife, 40, whose husband opened "Andris Cuban Sandwich King" on Stuyvesant Avenue last October.

"The cuban sandwich is a unique dish, and the opportunity to bring it to Lyndhurst is exciting."

Andrys, 43, cooks "Andris" cuban sandwich by slow-roasting pork for five hours and then slapping it on fresh, cuban bread with ham, swiss cheese, and pickles. 

It's something he's been doing since immigrating to the United States from the Dominican Republic in 1987. Upon arrival, he worked at the Floridita in Harlem — one of the first cuban restaurants in New York City.

"He has a lot of passion when it comes to his food," his wife said. "His sandwiches have a very particular flavor that is savory and delicious."

But sandwiches are only part of the "Andris menu," which also offers empanadas, milkshakes, cuban coffee, and breakfast platters.

She  attributes that to her husband's decision to ease into their new market.

"We could have made a big boom when we opened but we decided to take it one step at a time and see what people liked," his wife  said.

"We offered some things but we wanted to also see what people would ask us for and now we are going to add some things."

Some of those things include outdoor seating, a Latin lunch special and a bring-your-own-bottle "Latin Might."

The couple hopes to open more locations in the future.

James V.

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